Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sentimental Handbags

These are a few more hand bags that my Sweet Friend Kelly and I worked on together.
This red one is made from a vintage, velvet dress that belonged to a friends Mother. It was hand beaded at the top with a picot trim and then hand beaded fringe added on both sides of the bottom. Then lined with a beautiful black fabric. The next one was felted with a hand beaded spiral rope strap and beaded loop closure with one of my vintage mother or pearl buttons. Kelly lined it with vintage fabric from another dress. Kelly's friend is giving these bags as gifts to her daughter, sister and nieces. What a great way to share the love and memory of a family member through a piece of clothing remade into soemthing that can be held and enjoyed, rather that hanging in the back of a closet. Our hope is that these bags become another family heirloom.

If You want to see more of them you have to pop over and visit her blog here Fitzu she is an amazingly creative lady and great friend.

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