Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Angel's Day

This is my Angel's birthday. She would have been 33 today.These photos were taken in August of 2001, when she was 25, by our friend Stewart who is a professional photographer.I am so thankful to have them.

This is one of Stews favorites, it was a long day and they were getting a bit silly, something happened and she burst out laughing and he took this picture, it stuck with him that it was such a genuine, joyful laugh - that we miss.

We lost Amy in October of that same year, the pain has eased but the feeling of loss is still great.

Happy Birthday Sweet Angel, we love you.


  1. I so sorry to read about your daughter. You are in my prayers tonight. Sharon

  2. mmm...what a beauty - wish I could have been some comfort on such a difficult day!
    Pisces....they meld well with Scorpios!
    love you girlfriend!